Why Steve Jobs Loved Adobe Flash (2010 RDM Revisit)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011
By OP Editor

Flash for mobile is a dead technology, predicted a year and a half ago by Daniel Eran Dilger.

Android Zombie Flash choice

Flash Competitive Advantage for Mobiles?

April 2010 article by Roughly Drafted Magazine describes why Mobile Flash is not a competitive advantage, and why Apple is glad to see competitors invest in dead technology over the past years:

Jobs’ six reasons for not supporting Flash in the iPhone OS also serve as six reasons why Jobs will absolutely love to see Apple’s mobile competitors rushing to support Flash as a competitive talking point in their desperate, last ditch efforts to compete with the iPhone.

RDM also notes Google’s fantasy fandroid position on mobile Flash:

Google has not explained how its support for Flash will mesh with its support for open web standards; nor mentioned the security problems, performance issues, and instability of Flash as a platform, nor its battery life impact, nor the fact that most existing Flash content does not work well in a multitouch environment, nor the reality that having Flash on Android will impede the development of native, Android-specific apps, in addition to harming the development of sophisticated, cross platform HTML5 applications that could possibly be used to share common ground with the iPhone and leverage its success.

Adobe just killed Flash for mobiles. That means Google invested in a dead technology as Android “feature”. So did the RIM PlayBook and HP TouchPad, perhaps Google will share the same fate?

Image: Android zombie by Greg’s Tech Blog + ObamaPacman additions


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