Steve Jobs, “The Lost Interview” In Movie Theaters on November 16, 17

Tuesday, November 8, 2011
By OP Editor

Lost footage from 1995 Cringely interview of Steve Jobs for Triumph of the Nerds, a great TV series about the PC industry.

Steve Jobs 1995 NeXT HQ, Redwood City California

The Steve Jobs’ interview was filmed in NeXT headquarters in Redwood City, one year before the company would be sold to Apple. But it turned out that only 10 minutes of the 64 minute interview were used in Triumph of the Nerds [$24.99 DVD on Amazon]. The masters were lost during shipping, before they can use more of the footage. But just few weeks ago, TOTN director Paul Sen found a VHS copy stored in his UK garage.

Robert X. Cringely, pen name of technology journalist Mark Stephens:

This is undoubtedly the only surviving copy of the best TV interview Steve Jobs ever gave yet nobody ever saw.

The official Steve Jobs Lost Interview site described, the entire interview will the aired from building the Blue Box with Steve Woz, Xerox / GUI, NeXT, to Steve’s thoughts about future of technology:

[Steve] offers his vision of a digital future – a world of wonderful products created by artists and poets.

Here’s a snippet of the footage:

Video: Steve Jobs Talked About Xerox GUI

Steve Jobs talked about seeing the graphical user interface at Xerox when he was invited there:

“I thought it was the best thing I ever seen in my life. Now, remember it was very flawed. What we saw was incomplete, they’ve done a bunch of things wrong.”

Screening Times in Select Theaters

November 16 and 17 2011 screening in select Landmark Theatres, but there are some exceptions noted below. Some theaters offer advanced ticket purchases starting today:

  • Atlanta: Midtown Art Cinema
  • Austin: Violet Crown Cinema (11/18 | 11/19 | 11/20)
  • Baltimore: Harbor East
  • Berkeley: Shattuck Cinemas
  • Boston: Kendall Square Cinema
  • Chicago: Century Centre Cinema
  • Cleveland HTS., OH: Cedar Lee Theatre (11/16)
  • Dallas: The Magnolia
  • Denver: Esquire Theatre
  • Houston: River Oaks
  • Indianapolis: Keystone Art Cinema
  • Los Angeles: Regent Theatre
  • Milwaukee: Oriental Theatre
  • Minneapolis: Lagoon Cinema
  • New York City: Sunshine Cinema
  • Palm Desert, CA: CinĂ©mas Palme d’Or (???)
  • Palo Alto: Aquarius Theatre (11/16 | 11/17 | 11/18 | 11/19 | 11/20 | 11/21 | 11/22)
  • Philadelphia: Ritz at the Bourse
  • San Diego: Hillcrest Cinemas
  • San Francisco: Opera Plaza Cinema
  • Seattle: Metro Cinemas
  • Washington D.C.: E Street Cinema

ObamaPacman: Washington DC showings are November 16 at 7:15pm and 9:00pm and Thursday, November 17 at 7:15pm and 9:00pm. Ticket price $11 General, $8 Child, $8 Senior.


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