Scalpers at Hong Kong Apple Store iPhone 4S Launch [video]

Friday, November 11, 2011
By OP Editor

Scalpers invade Hong Kong Apple Store for the newly launched iPhone 4S.

iPhone scalper, Hong Kong Apple Store

Video: iPhone 4 S Hong Kong Launch Scalpers

Micgadget describes the November 11, 2011 iPhone 4S Hong Kong launch and shot the video:

The first six local customers who got the iPhone 4S from the Apple store. The guy in the red jacket is the first in line. They have admitted they will resell the new iPhone for profits.

Each customer purchased five iPhone 4S, and every single one was doing the same thing.

Earlier, iPhone 4S pre-order sold out in Hong Kong in 10 minutes. Now the scalpers hit the lines at IFC Hong Kong Apple Store.

Apple allowed purchase of 5 iPhone per customer (all iPhone sold there are carrier unlocked). Apple Store quickly sold out of iPhone 4S by the gang of professional queuers. Sold to gray market merchants who then sell them for a huge mark up.

Scalpers even prepared luggage and couriers to bring the unlocked iPhone 4S to China, India, and the Middle East on the same day.


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