Microsoft Tysons Corner Store (Opening Today) vs. Apple Store

Thursday, November 17, 2011
By OP Editor

10 years late, Microsoft Apple Store knockoff is opening today near the original 2001 Apple Store.

Apple vs. Microsoft Store Tysons Corner Mall

Microsoft’s only East coast retail store is opening Thursday November 17, 2011 at 10AM at Tysons Corner Mall (ceremony at 9:30AM).

Instead of offering products people want to buy (such as iPhone 4S at Tysons Corner Apple Store), Microsoft is offering tickets to a Joe Jonas (Mac user) concert to get people to line up for the opening. The concert will take in a parking lot on November 19.

Location, Location, Location

The new Microsoft Store’s location is away from the busy Apple store, and within a stone’s throw to the empty SONY Store:

Empty Sony Store Tysons Corner

And of course, the MS store is next to this place:

Great location of Microsoft Store Tysons Corner

By the way, the DOA Zune is finally killed off by Microsoft recently, but was still recently shown on the Microsoft Store display.

Photography + illustration by ObamaPacman.


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2 Responses to “Microsoft Tysons Corner Store (Opening Today) vs. Apple Store”

  1. Bunlo

    So what are they selling?
    - A Dell computer?
    - Starter>Basic>Premium>Pro>Ultimate>English>French>Spanish>Hindu>Chinese version of Windows 7? (it sure fill up the shelf)
    - Microsoft style “Genius bar”, to troubleshoot, install service packs? (and finally end up with a 1-800 tech support call to india by their own staff and asked how’s your weather there)?
    - Showing a 3 year old how to install SQL / Exchange server 2011?
    Um.. I am wondered?


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