iTunes Match FAQ + Video Walkthrough

Tuesday, November 15, 2011
By OP Editor

What is iTunes Match? How to use it? Does it stream from the cloud? Does it change your music metadata?

Apple iTunes match, cloud music

Video: iTunes Match Guide

10 minute walkthrough video by iDownloadBlog.

The new $25 per year iTunes Match is a good service for those with multiple computers / iOS devices and don’t want to carry an external hard drive with all your iTunes music and media. Other features include:

  • Put your music on iCloud
  • Upgrade lower quality songs to 256K AAC
  • Download from iCloud to play music offline
  • Play all your music without computer being on
  • Play streaming music without keeping a permanent download
  • Delete music locally to free up space (but keep on iCloud)
  • Show all music from iCloud or local music
  • Detect / sort duplicate songs

iTunes Match FAQ

iTunes Match FAQ by Nunyabinez from Macrumors forums. Examples:

  • If a song is matched, it becomes available to download in 256K AAC. If a song is not matched it is copied in its current format and bit rate up to 320K. If the file is Lossless however, it is converted (presumably by your computer) to a 256k AAC file and then uploaded.
  • Match uses your meta-data. If you in an anal-retentive fashion have made lots of custom edits to your files, that is what gets copied to the cloud. Even if you replace your songs with the upgraded versions you keep your previous metal-data.

The iTunes Match video creator is also answering questions on the youtube page. Example:

[Q:] If you choose shuffle (iOS device), does it download tracks as it goes, or only shuffle already-downloaded music?

[A:] It will shuffle all music, even non-downloaded :) It’s pretty cool. You can basically shuffle your entire iTunes library at anytime which is awesome.

ObamaPacman adds: iTunes match does not use the 5GB free iCloud storage.


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