How to Take Kindle Fire Screenshots (22 Easy Steps)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011
By OP Editor

Amazon Android tablet suffers ridiculous usability problems. What’s new?

Step 22:

Step 22, How to take screenshot on Kindle Fire Android tablet

Liz Castro, with help of Erica Sadun, posted a 22 step guide (via Daring Fireball) on how to take screenshot on the Amazon Kindle Fire. Turns out Android is hilariously complex for basic things such as taking screenshots.

And after 22 steps:

The first I tried it, it came up black, because my Kindle had gone to sleep. Just wake up your Fire and then click the Refresh button. Click the Rotate button to get it to go the right way around, and then Save to create a PNG file.

LOL. Works great. Just what the Kindle Fire reviews all said.

Well, Google did work on the screenshot feature. Four years after the 2007 iPhone was released with integrated screenshot capability (press power and home button), the 2011 Android 4.0 finally copied the feature (with two other buttons). However, with Kindle Fire using an obsolete version of Android, it requires following these ridiculous steps. Or perhaps Amazon tried to make it more difficult?


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