Google Music: Amazingly worse than Microsoft Zune

Wednesday, November 16, 2011
By OP Editor

The Apple iTunes wannabe Google Music can’t even compete with the Microsoft Zune.

Google Music lame

“Google Music Is a Complete Letdown” by Adrian Covert of Gizmodo:

The ideas behind Google Music are tired. An a la carte music store? A storage locker? MP3 lending? Guh. These concepts are all old. More to the point, they’re DONE…

It’s nothing more than the application of current technologies to yesterday’s ideas.

Even the failed and discontinued Microsoft Zune is more open:

Let’s move on to this song sharing system. Like really? Remember the time the Zune came out and let all 37 Zune owners “squirt” tracks to one another? I bet you don’t. Let me refresh your memory: Even Microsoft let borrowers play a song more than once (Google limits you to a single play).

Where are the Google openness drones now? Digging a hole for Google Music to join the list of failed Google products (such as Google Wave, Google Buzz, Google Answers, Google Desktop, and more)?

Google Music Marketed to the Clueless

It’s also hilarious to see Google Music marketed to Android / Windows users (no Apple products shown on the site), when most Google employees use Apple computers.


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2 Responses to “Google Music: Amazingly worse than Microsoft Zune”

  1. Don

    It’s just another badly copied idea, and one that shows how little Google can innovate. All of its so-called innovation is stuff that they either ripped-off of others, like Apple, or bought with their barrels of money.


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