Evolution of Apple Store Storefronts

Wednesday, November 9, 2011
By OP Editor

Photos of all Apple Store locations, sorted by opening date, one one page. Perfect for architecture & design connoisseurs.

Apple Store Evolution

The creator, web developer and designer Thomas Park compiles all Apple Store photos:

Scanning the gallery, you can see that Apple follows certain conventions, but isnít shy about breaking them. Theyíve tweaked things here and there, and are quite audacious with their flagship locations.

Gallery, text searchable (even reflows depending on screen size):


It of course includes all these

The black store fronts are the older designs. Newer designs have aluminum. Some stores such as the original Tysons Corner have since been renovated with new designs.

This seems to be the smallest Apple Store: #270 Oakridge Mall, Vancouver, Canada (opened September 26, 2009).

Thomas Park notes that the images were downloaded from Apple with Beautiful Soup.


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