“Apple Pop-Up Store” at Occupy Wall Street

Wednesday, November 23, 2011
By OP Editor

The Daily Show documentary about class division within New York City Zuccotti Park reveals a hidden Apple Store.

Tents, Occupy Wall St. NYC Zuccotti Park

Video: Occupy Wall Street Has “Apple Pop-Up Store”

In this Daily Show with Jon Stewart video, Apple pop-up store makes an appearance around 2 minutes.

Hipsters vs. Hippies?

Samantha Bee reports on possible hipster vs. hippie class division within the Occupy Wall Street movement:

“Would you share your iPad 2 with one of those shiftless hobos down [in the other section of the park]? No, but…”

Well, OP sees no iPad or iPhone Garageband at the drum circle…

Flash video, view on iOS with SkyFire Flash Browser. Download [iPad | iPhone + iPod touch] and use “video” button on lower left of the app.


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