Subtle Differences of iOS 5 vs. iOS 4

Thursday, October 27, 2011
By OP Editor

Only a designer with attention to detail can see these differences.

Badge shadow change in iOS 5

Takamasa Matsumoto (who discovered iCloud golden ratio) notes on his Japanese Stam Design blog some iOS 5 changes:

  • Badge shadow
  • Settings App border
  • Rotation lock shadow distance
  • iMessage text highlights, results in “better readability of the text”.
  • Home icon spacing

iOS 5 subtle design changes

Talk about attention to details. Go to his article [machine English translation] to see all 6 comparisons.

iOS 5 Messages App Subtle Design Changes

How many more Apple changes were made in the iOS 5 Messages App? ObamaPacman adds comparison:

Message app subtle changes iOS 5

In addition to the white drop shadow (2 pixels on Retina display), Apple made at least 5 tweaks to the message app between iOS 4.1 and iOS 5:

  • Title text, now slightly blue
  • Shade of gray background, lighter
  • Left outline of the bubble
  • Text alignment, moved left
  • Text tracking, slightly condensed

That’s a ton of subtle changes for one app.


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3 Responses to “Subtle Differences of iOS 5 vs. iOS 4”

  1. Did the image quality also improve? The first example with the shadows has a much crisper image on the right.

  2. G4A

    reblogged! i think Apple’s meticulousness is what wins the market for them. Thanks for this amazing blog


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