Steve Jobs Tribute at Apple Store Around the World

Sunday, October 9, 2011
By OP Editor

Homage by Apple customers to Steve Jobs at make shift Apple Stores memorials.

San Francisco Apple Store

Steve Jobs fan tribute was first publicized with the San Francisco Apple Store. One of the first photos was by patr1ck:

San Francisco Apple Store Steve Jobs Tribute

Close up photo by ishish:

Close up, San Francisco Apple Store Steve Jobs Tribute


“Dear Steve, You had all the toys, we had all the joy. Thank you”

“You built the future for all of us. We’ll miss you there!”

A moody photo by Greg Ricey:

San Francisco Apple Store Steve Jobs fan memorial

More examples of the San Francisco store at this Cult of Mac gallery.

Regent Street Apple Store in UK

Photo of the first Apple bite tribute to Steve Jobs, by SkyNewsRoyal:

Apple bite Steve Jobs tribute, Regent Street Store UK

Nate Lanxon, on the growing Steve Jobs tribute at Regent Street Apple Store:

Regent Street Apple Store, Steve Jobs tribute

New York Apple Store

Pennydelossantos, New York City, Apple Store SoHo:

New York City Apple Store SoHo Steve Jobs Tribute

Kemble Teague, Fifth Avenue Apple Store Cube (under construction):

Steve Jobs memorial, Fifth Avenue NYC Apple Store Cube

Ginza Apple Store in Tokyo

Hiroko Tabuchi:

Ginza Apple Store in Tokyo, Steve Jobs tribute

First Apple Store: Tysons Corner

Steve Jobs demoed this first ever Apple Store in 2001.

Dave Izzle of the Tyons Corner Apple Store after the sad event this week:

Tysons Corner Virginia Apple Store Steve Jobs Tribute

For more pictures, check out:


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