Splinter Cell: Lightbulb Assassin [Made on Mac]

Friday, October 28, 2011
By OP Editor

Who turned down the lights? Splinter Cell video game myth in real life.

Shooting light bulbs Splinter Cell spoof

Splinter Cell: Lightbulb Assassin Short Film

Freddie Wong & Brandon Laatsch video (freddiew on YouTube) demos the unrealistic myth from video game Splinter Cell: baddies won’t notice sound of suppressed pistol or shattered light bulbs. Plus, they are blind when you shoot out the lights.

Behind the Scenes, Lightbulb Assassin

The behind the scenes video shows Freddie and Brandon use Macs in their productions:

Freddie Wong Mac

Video: Real FN Five-seveN with “Silencer”

ObamaPacman: So how does a “silenced” pistol sound in real life? Here’s Sam Fisher’s FN Five-seveN with a sound suppressor:

Decibel measurements by Silencerco video:

  • 162 dB: Unsuppressed
  • 131 dB: Suppressed, dry
  • 128 dB: Suppressed, wet (uses some kind of liquid to cool the gases)

So the difference is one requires hearing protection and one without. But the sound suppressor does not make a weapon silent. The main benefit of suppressing a weapon is that it’s harder to determine the source of the weapon and the sound is less noticeable as a weapon, but you can definitely hear it.

Granted, special forces might have a weapon that is better suppressed combined with using slow speed Supersonic ammunition, but even the venerable MP5SD is not pew pew pew silent in real life.

Maybe the baddies should invest in gunshot detection systems (already installed in areas in Washington DC, Boston, San Francisco, Chicago, etc) instead of more hard-of-hearing disposable goons.

PS. OP loves Splinter Cell. We’re not saying making it more realistic in this aspect. It won’t be much fun if it’s like Rainbow Six where baddies are not brainless and one bullet can terminate your character.


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