Samsung Galaxy Continues to Copy Apple

Monday, October 17, 2011
By OP Editor

Samsung’s 2011 Galaxy Player 50 rips off Apple Maps app from 2007 iPhone / iPod touch.

Samsung copied Apple iPhone Maps App

Check out Samsung’s blatant 2011 knockoff at: (removed)

Direct image URL: (removed)

Official Samsung website for Galaxy Player 50 has a slightly modified version of the Apple iOS Maps app. Apparently, Samsung doesn’t know (or care) that although the Apple’s Maps app uses Google maps data, the user interface is designed and copyrighted by Apple since 2007.

No wonder Apple wins injunction in Australia and Germany. Fandroid drones, what excuses do you have now? Still think Samsung using Apple’s App Store and Safari icons is an “accident”?

UPDATE: DF points out that Samsung stole its Galaxy product image directly from a 2008 screenshot of iPhone Maps app.

[Discovered by @raruler via Daring Fireball] ObamaPacman made a page freeze.


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5 Responses to “Samsung Galaxy Continues to Copy Apple”

  1. Don

    Samsung frankly is just pathetic!

  2. Written elsewhere in response to “Patents should be abolished”:

    1. Communism (aka lack of property rights) Failed.

    2. This is not about patents. It’s about copy paste plagiarizing (aka counterfeit).

    3. Patents actually enable innovation. Why would any company invest any money into R&D, if other companies can just copy their finished products. Capitalism and current patent laws allow competition, companies just can’t copy paste a competitor product.

  3. Watap

    It’s a hoax !!!


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