Nokia Kinetic Device: Flexible Phone [video]

Wednesday, October 26, 2011
By OP Editor

Forget multi-touch, Nokia is onto the future with multi-bend phones.

Nokia flexible phone Kinetic Device

Video: Nokia Flexible Phone

Practicality be damned when Nokia’s best and brightest thinks about the future of smartphones.

CNET article by Stephen Shankland (via giz) about the “seriously twisted” phone describes Nokia has been working for two years on this technology, with some employees “enthusiastic about its possibilities.”

Navigating the Nokia flexible phone requires twisting and bending the device. The Nokia phone prototype also has no touchscreen, no precision pinch to zoom, and difficult one handed operation (video only shows two-handed use).

So what is it good for? We imagine this future Nokia Kinetic Device would be the PERFECT phone for butt dialing. That’s the best Nokia can do in response to not using multi-touch?

Apple fans are onto better ideas with the iPhone 5 Virtual Keyboard + Holographic Projector Concept.


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4 Responses to “Nokia Kinetic Device: Flexible Phone [video]”

  1. Don

    Cool, but I’ll wait and see what happens first.

  2. Chris Soprych

    What about repetitive stress injury? This looks pretty rough on the wrists.


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