Motorola Motoactv Copies Apple iPod Nano Watch

Tuesday, October 18, 2011
By OP Editor

Money losing Motorola Mobility goes into the Apple copycat business. Copies 2010 iPod nano watch and 2006 iPod + Nike integration.

Motorola Motoactv copied Apple iPod nano watch

Motorola announced the $249 and $299 Motoactv 1.6″ MP3 music player watch at its “faster, thinner, smarter, stronger” Android event today. It’s a music player in a sweatproof and scratchproof housing, with some other features. But looks quite similar to the 2010 iPod touch nano (starting $129 now) isn’t it?

How’s the Motorola iPod knockoff? Engadget:

We did notice a bit of lag as we exited screens and switched apps

Here’s the 2010 Apple iPod nano for contrast. Smooth as butter:

The worst thing for the Motorola music player is the price. It is about twice the price as the iPod nano of the same storage capacity. It is even more expensive than the iPod touch!

  • Motoactv 8GB, 1.6″ display $249
  • Motoactv 16GB, 1.6″ display $299

Apple 2011 iPod prices:

  • iPod nano 8GB, 1.6″ display $129
  • iPod nano 16GB, 1.6″ display $149
  • iPod touch 8GB, 3.5″ display $199

The Motorola Motoactv accessories also are priced out of this world:

  • Motorola wireless headphones SF700 $149
  • Motorola wired headphones SF500 $99
  • No mention on the price of Watch Band, arm band, etc.

So Motorola expects people to pay up to $450 + price of watch band for this iPod nano watch knockoff? Good luck with that.

Motorola’s Android Imitation

What do people think about it?

“Hilarious. It’s like the entire consumer tech community is back on training wheels, waiting to imitate whatever Apple does.” – Moeskido

“Wait, so Android is copying Apple so much they put the “Apple Tax” in effect?” – Ivan Irizarry

Recently, Motorola tried to copied the iPad, but failed miserably with its Xoom Android tablet. Although the Motoactv has some interesting ideas, its me-too factor and steep price will almost certainly result in another gigantic flop for Motorola.

By the way, the Nike + iPod integration started in 2006, and was also announced in New York City.


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4 Responses to “Motorola Motoactv Copies Apple iPod Nano Watch”

  1. Don

    FAIL, and especially at that price, almost double that of the Nano!

  2. John

    I don’t think that this comparism is really fair. If you look only on the music capability, the motoactv fails because of the higher price. but the motoactv has way more features including a transflective display, watersplash protection, GPS, etc.

    It is therefore – unlike the nano – a device specific for the sports folks, who are a different target group.

    • Hi John, Similar the Zune, it’s years late.

      Motorola the company is losing money. That means they are selling products below cost, which is not sustainable.

      Imagine that they have to charge a higher price on everything to sustain their company. If very few people buy that (or the Zune) at current prices, then even fewer people would buy it at a higher price.


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