Microsoft Windows Nyan Cat [video]

Sunday, October 23, 2011
By OP Editor

Mac vs. PC: Nyan Cat runs on Windows. Macs are doomed. ;)

Video: Windows Nyan Cat

Microsoft Windows Nyan Cat

Video: Microsoft Windows Nyan Cat

And no, there is nothing wrong with your video player. Windows Nyan Cat is that fast. By the way, Macs are slightly faster: 1984 Mac vs. 2007 PC Video: ‚ÄúStill Loading”.

The viral Nyan Cat song is made by Mac artist Momoko Fujimoto. And this is what happens when iPad users and their cat watches Nyan Cat.


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4 Responses to “Microsoft Windows Nyan Cat [video]”

  1. Don

    The truth can be so funny at times, can’t it?

  2. YouTube stops loading the clip halfway through and freezes: priceless.

    • That’s a bonus from Adobe. Perhaps update Flash player to see if it helps.

      Adobe also recommending uninstalling old plugins before installing new ones (apparently they are still stuck in the 90s mode).


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