iPhone 4S Epic Demand Crashes Apple, AT&T, Sprint Pre-Order Sites [Verizon UP!]

Friday, October 7, 2011
By OP Editor

Apple customers looking to pre-order iPhone 4S from certain carriers might in for a long night. (Apple is taking pre-orders now).

OP hint: Play this Benny Hill Theme video soundtrack when you read this article.

iPhone 4S Pre-Order Apple Website (When It Worked)

iPhone 4S Apple pre-order page

October 7, 3:01 AM EST: iPhone 4S customers flooded Apple, AT&T, and Sprint pre-order servers. Sites still down half an hour later.

Apple Store Online Down

Apple temporally served Http/1.1 Service Unavailable:

Apple Store crashed http 1.1 service unavailable

After the servers were flooded, Apple Store switched back to “We’ll be back soon.”

Apple Store down, iPhone 4S pre-order

3:42AM, Apple finally up for pre-orders.

AT&T Down

AT&T is down, no graphic:

ATT Down, iPhone 4S pre-order

OP was able to get on one page before the server became unresponsive.

3:38AM, AT&T servers 404 error:

“The requested URL /cingular/error.jsp was not found on this server.”

ATT Death Star, iPhone 4S pre-order

3:45AM, AT&T brings back the death star page with “under construction” headings.

Still down at press time.

Update: AT&T site for business started working around 5AM.

Sprint Down

Sprint servers are unresponsive:

Sprint unresponsive, iPhone 4S pre-order

Sprint down:

Sprint down, iPhone 4S pre-order

Still down at press time.

Verizon iPhone 4S Pre-Order

Verizon is keeping its iPhone 4S pre-order page up! Impressive. Too bad they offer CDMA.

Verizon up for iPhone 4S pre-order

Like a boss. Very tempting.


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2 Responses to “iPhone 4S Epic Demand Crashes Apple, AT&T, Sprint Pre-Order Sites [Verizon UP!]”

  1. Don

    This is bad if your trying to pre-order, but it’s also good in that it indicates that the iPhone 4S will become another mega-hit for Apple!


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