First Apple Siri iPhone 4S TV Commercial

Friday, October 21, 2011
By OP Editor

New Apple TV ad showing a wide range of Siri use examples in thirty seconds.

Apple iPhone 4S Sir TV Ad

Video: Apple iPhone 4S + Siri TV Ad

Apple video, transcript by ObamaPacman:

We got a flat tire
How do I tie a bow tie again?
What’s the fastest way to Hartford hospital?
Do I need an umbrella in New York this weekend?
Remind me to call Chris when I get home
Move my meeting from 3 to 4
What does a weasel look like?
Remind me to get milk when I leave work
Tell my wife I am going to make it
Wake me up at 6
Play some Coltrane
I’m locked out

Narrator: Say hello to the most amazing iPhone yet.

The video demonstrates some examples of Siri services:

  • Location based search
  • Web search
  • Weather
  • Reminder
  • Calendar change
  • Alarm
  • Music

Apple, making science fiction in reality, again (like multi-touch with the original iPhone). Well, at least she didn’t ask to open pod bay doors.


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