Apple Website Down Due to High iPhone 4S Demand

Tuesday, October 4, 2011
By OP Editor

Website of largest technology company in the world down due to demand. And this is not even the pre-order time yet.

Apple website down, High iPhone 4S Demand down right now due to demand. iTunes store / App store still open.

4G iPhone 4 with 8 hour battery life and 8MP f2.4 + 1080P camera was announced today by Apple CEO Tim Cook.


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4 Responses to “Apple Website Down Due to High iPhone 4S Demand”

  1. Don

    It’s back up!

  2. dve

    It is NOT a 4G phone. 4G refers to 4th generation of the carrier’s network. This phone uses the 3G network. But the Model Number of the phone is the “iPhone 4S”.


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