Handmade Steve Jobs Action Figure

Wednesday, September 14, 2011
By OP Editor

Where to buy a handmade version of the banned iPhone holding Steve Jobs action figure.

Handmade Steve Jobs Action Figure

By Etsy shop MiniYou, which can also hand make figurines from your own photos:

Steve Action Figure Looks Amazingly Real-100% handmade.

Featuring Steve Jobs fashion + Apple logo platform + detailed iPhone, the Apple founder action figure costs $149.99. Shipping is $4.99 to US, and $9.99 to everywhere else. The shop has sold a few, with only one available now.

ObamaPacman: Dimensions are not listed, but due to the detailed iPhone icons, it should be comparable or larger than the Apple axed Steve Jobs action figure.


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One Response to “Handmade Steve Jobs Action Figure”

  1. Don

    If only I had the money to spare, I’d buy me one of these to place on top of my Mac! :O)


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