Moving Pictures After Effects Tutorial: Made on Mac

Monday, September 26, 2011
By OP Editor

Mashup a video + photo on a Mac to make cool moving image.

Moving Pictures After Effects Mac tutorial TheVFXBro

Short Video: Moving Photos

Finished product with multiple moving photos:

Video: Moving Pictures Mac After Effects Guide

Here’s the guide:

Combine a photo and portions of a video to make a Harry Potter styled moving picture! Video guide by The VFX Bro shows how to add tracking points, stabilize, mask, cycle test, and make hybrid photo. Neat.

Screen recording using an app like Screenium [Mac App Store, $29.99] (doesn’t show key stroke)

ObamaPacman: You can see some example shown earlier in the tutorial on tumblr blog If We Don’t, Remember Me, great gallery of beautiful animated gif moving images.


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2 Responses to “Moving Pictures After Effects Tutorial: Made on Mac”

  1. Great tutorial! Using a cute puppy for a practical purpose!

    For me, the best part of the tutorial was how clear all the keystrokes and shortcuts were. I wonder what he’s using to screen-record.

    • Hum, Screenium doesn’t seem to record key strokes. Might be ScreenFlow, which is suppose to record keystroke and offers post productions zooming and editing.


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