iPhone 5 Launch Party [Humor]

Thursday, September 15, 2011
By OP Editor

Leaked iPhone 5 + iPhone 4 parts hold a pre-launch party before Apple Keynote, expected in late September or early October.

iPhone 5 parts launch party

Just don’t let the iPhone prototype carrying Apple engineers head to a German beer garden or tequila bar, unless ObamaPacman is near by.

Photo left: leaked part of iPhone 5 proximity light sensor flex cable. Right: GSM iPhone 4 part, with noise-canceling microphone connector. CDMA iPhone 4 has the mic in another part. The mic is also missing in iPhone 5, which is expected to be a world phone, containing both CDMA and GSM capability.

[via macrumors forums]


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One Response to “iPhone 5 Launch Party [Humor]”

  1. Maria

    Looks more like tea / coffee cups to me!


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