iPhone 5 Cases Made from “Lost” Foxconn Prototype [video]

Wednesday, September 28, 2011
By OP Editor

Chinese case makers are so confident of new iPhone 5 redesign, they made them by the boatload.

Rumored thinner iPhone 5 Case

Video: Leaked iPhone 5 Case Comparison

Video comparison of rumored larger and thinner iPhone 5 cases vs. iPhone 4 and white iPod touch.

MIC gadget reports on rumors of why case makers are confident about the design:

iPhone 5 prototype had gone missing from the Foxconn factory in Shenzhen Futian district. […]

It is said to be a test model with a finalized iPhone 5 chassis featuring the tear-drop design.

Supposedly 33% thinner. But in which part? Top or bottom?

Real or Fake?

Previously, OP said the thinner and wider iPhone 5 design is not possible because those images don’t show the tapered design. However, this tapered design should allow the rumored iPhone 5 to accommodate a larger high quality camera, while making the bottom MacBook Air thin.

Case makers were able to obtain an accurate mold of leaked iPad 2 months before its release. So perhaps they are on to something here. Quite costly to invest to create and SHIP these cases in quantity overseas. So the case makers are pretty confident.

We’ll know more on October 4 when Apple introduces the new 2011 iPhone. Maybe the case makers should hope that Apple is not releasing a liquid metal iPhone.


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2 Responses to “iPhone 5 Cases Made from “Lost” Foxconn Prototype [video]”

  1. Don

    A larger screen and Assistant is what I want to see, what I really, really want to see! Both would help crush Google’s ‘Do Evil’ Android platform, one of the most un-original crap I’ve ever seen! At least when Microsoft copies Apple these days it adds some innovative parts of its own, totally unlike evil Google!


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