HTC Sues Apple with Google Patent Help

Wednesday, September 7, 2011
By OP Editor

Android vs. iOS battle is about to get serious. Android phone maker HTC is now suing Apple.

HTC vs Apple Patent War

Today, HTC sued Apple’s iPhone using new Google patents in federal court in Delaware, Bloomberg reports:

The nine patents originated with Palm Inc., Motorola Inc. and Openwave Systems Inc., with Google taking ownership within the past year, according to U.S. Patent and Trademark Office records. Mountain View, California-based Google recorded transfer of the patents to HTC on Sept. 1, according to the agency’s website.

Is Apple doomed? Foss Patents:

Google knows that HTC is under tremendous legal pressure from Apple and clearly on the losing track. HTC is the first Android device maker sued by Apple, so that dispute is at the most advanced stage, and since HTC’s own patent portfolio is weak, it has so far lacked the leverage to force Apple into a cross-license agreement. The possibility of HTC being defeated must have scared Google…

This intervention on Google’s part increases the likelihood of direct litigation by Apple against Google. Apple may hold patents that could affect Google beyond Android.

ObamaPacman: If Motorola / Palm patents would win against Apple, Motorola would have sued Apple for royalty already.

HTC was formally a WiMP (Windows Mobile Phone) maker before iPhone killed phones with the obsolete Microsoft phone OS. If HTC loses Android lawsuits, it might abandon the Android adware OS and go back to Windows Phone 7. That’s why Google is finally helping out a bit.

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4 Responses to “HTC Sues Apple with Google Patent Help”

  1. “ObamaPacman: If Motorola / Palm patents would win against Apple, Motorola would have sued Apple for royalty already.”

    Not necessarily. All major companies has some patent that infringes on another and vice versa. The same thought that keeps us from practicing in nuclear warfare is the same that probably kept Motorola from suing Apple.

    Even if we ignore my previous statement,but let’s say you are right, maybe Motorola’s patents were not enough, but in conjunction with Google’s and the other manufactures it may be.

    Also, you left out the part where HTC purchase a company after they won a preliminary patent ruling

  2. Don

    What gets me is the sheer hypocrisy from the Android camp. They blatantly steal Apple’s IP, then cry that Apple is only suing because they can’t innovate, but they turn around and buy patents to sue Apple! Larry Page and Google were already found guilty of knowingly breaking the law by allowing out-side pharmaceutical sales, and the only reason Larry wasn’t facing prison time is because they agree, and quickly I might add, to pay a whopping 500-million dollar fine, stating that it was all an accident! Yeah right? Sooner or later these crooks will pay, and they will pay big, or should I say even bigger?

    • The Oracle v. Google case even reveals details such as Google keeping Android closed instead of making Android actually open sourced, so it could force OEM to do what Google wants.


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