HP CEO Swapper iPad App [Humor]

Friday, September 30, 2011
By OP Editor

iPad app revolutionizes how Hewlett-Packard deals with awkward CEO HR issues.

HP CEO Swapper iPad App

HP developed a great way to fire and hire new CEOs, Scoopertino reports:

Building on the expertise they’ve gained by firing two CEOs in less than a year, HP has launched CEO Swapper — a beautifully designed iPad app that makes it easier than ever to dispose of one CEO and pop in a new one.

HP CEO Swapper iPad App features:

  • CEO Seeker, shows potential hires, includes washed-up CEOs that might be available at bargain rates
  • Fire current CEO easily, by “touch to swap” button
  • Generate press releases with variety of built in (falsifying expense account, etc.) and customizable reasons

HP CEO Swapper app has a critical bug though, the app signs a check for $25 million per outgoing CEO.

HP Reality

Well, the spoof app is not too far off. Here’s HP in real life:

  • August 6, 2010: HP CEO Mark Hurd “resigned” due to “expense-account irregularities”
  • September 30, 2010: Léo Apotheker became HP CEO
  • September 22, 2011: HP CEO Léo Apotheker “resigned” after decided to abandon PC market, WebOS TouchPad, and Palm Pre, without lining up any potential buyers. Meg Whitman became new HP CEO, because HP needs communication skills (surely that’ll turn the company around)

Note Resigned = fired. Despite of being fired, Leo received a nice $25 million dollars for destroying HP’s future as a hardware maker in 11 months.


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4 Responses to “HP CEO Swapper iPad App [Humor]”

  1. Don

    Funny, but in a way, it’s not so funny. It’s sad to see a once great company floundering as is HP, that in the end it’s rather a shame.

  2. Apotheker is getting:

    $7.2 million severance
    $2.4 million bonus
    $3.6 million in stocks (156,000 shares, restricted)
    $ ?? Relocation expenses (to move to France or Belgium)
    $ ?? Compensation for selling California house (maybe because he’s not welcomed in Silicon Vally anymore? All those fired HP employees must hate him)


    • Don

      Considering the above, being fired must have been one of the most profitable things to ever happen to Mr. Apotheker ! I wish I could be fired like that.


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