Apple Thunderbolt Display: Multi Monitor Daisy Chaining Support

Friday, September 16, 2011
By OP Editor

Apple Thunderbolt display compatibility. Daisy chaining: yes. But not for Mini DisplayPort. + Some Mac supports 3 external displays.

Apple Thunderbolt Display daisy chaining dual monitors, 2011 MacBook Pro

Apple Thunderbolt Display Support Document KB

Apple released a new knowledge base document about the now shipping Apple 27″ Thunderbolt Display and Mac support of multiple external monitors. Macrumors reports.

Apple Thunderbolt: How Many Supported Displays

The documents describes that select models of Apple computers cna run up to 2 Thunderbolt displays and up to total of 3 displays. Summary:

Apple Thunderbolt Display dual monitor support 2011 Mac

  • MacBook Air: 1 Thunderbolt Display
  • MacBook Pro: 2 Thunderbolt Displays, 13″ internal display will turn black with second TB display
  • iMac: 2 Thunderbolt Displays, either port or daisy chain
  • Mac Mini: 2 Thunderbolt Displays, HDMI can connect to another display for total of 3 external displays on this Mac

Note Apple mentions Late 2011 iMac. ObamaPacman will talk about this in the next article.

Mini DisplayPort Display, Thunderbolt Daisy Chain

Mini DisplayPort display can not be chained to TB displays.

There is of course some internet outrage about the lack of Mini DisplayPort chaining. But keep in mind, a computer can only attach only one Mini DisplayPort display, so nothing is changed with Thunderbolt. Apple did not “take away” any feature.

ObamaPacman lists potential options:

  • Sell old display and upgrade to daisy chain multiple displays with Thunderbolt port now
  • Write to Apple feedback, and see whether support could be added via firmware upgrade
  • Wait for upcoming Thunderbolt docks, which may or may not support Mini DisplayPort display

Tips: Apple Thunderbolt Display

Apple provides Thunderbolt Display performance tip when connecting fast storage devices:

For best performance while using Thunderbolt storage devices, connect the Thunderbolt display to the computer’s Thunderbolt port first.


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4 Responses to “Apple Thunderbolt Display: Multi Monitor Daisy Chaining Support”

  1. JAck

    Will it be possible to daisy chain 3 TB displays with macbook pro 15-17 inch, with the built in display switched off?

  2. ronni

    im using 15″ macbook pro unibody 2.66ghz and one 27″ cinema display, is it posible if i use one more 27″ cinema display? so it can be dual display like this thunderbolt setup..


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