Apple Stock Near Record High, Market Cap Beats Exxon

Monday, September 19, 2011
By OP Editor

On Friday, Apple Stock closed near record high, beats Exxon market capitalization.

Apple stock September 16 2011

On September 16, 2011, Apple closed at $400.50 per share, with the company value beating that of Exxon Mobile, again. Apple stock price is near its all time high of $404.50.

Market capitalization:

  • 371.30B Apple
  • 362.47B Exxon Mobil Corporation

How does Apple compare to some of its rivals?

  • 227.22B Microsoft
  • 176.52B Google

Seems that Apple is going on the right track. Now bring on the iPhone 5!


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2 Responses to “Apple Stock Near Record High, Market Cap Beats Exxon”

  1. Don

    Considering that many analysts didn’t expect Apple to beat or even tie with Exxon until middle or late 2012 this is quite amazing to say the least.

    Now that it has finally broken the psychological mark of $400-per-share, the question remains: how long before it breaks the $500-per-share mark, and how long before it surpasses Google’s $500-plus mark?


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