Leaked iPhone 5 Prototype Icon Rendering

Friday, September 2, 2011
By OP Editor

Beta Apple iPhoto Photo Stream service guide contains unusual looking iPhone icon that hints of new 2011 iPhone 5 prototype or iPhone 4S design.

iPhone 5 design Apple iPhoto leaked

Generic artist rendition or leaked iPhone 5 design? An unusual iPhone icon was found on Appleā€™s iPhoto 9.2 beta 3 Photo Streaming graphics. Macrumors:

It seems to show an iPhone-like device with an enlarged screen and possibly an elongated home button at the bottom. This matches up nicely with many of the circulating rumors about the iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 concept vs. Apple iPhoto icon

ObamaPacman: Apple’s legendary attention to detail goes to the icon design, so it’s unlikely to be just a generic place holder. The iPhone 5 rumors demonstrated are: enlarged screen (anywhere from 3.7″ to 4″) and elongated gesture capable home button.

Top image appdated.de.


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  1. Don

    If true, I’ll like it!


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