Apple iPad TV Ad: “Learning”

Tuesday, September 6, 2011
By OP Editor

Newest Apple iPad TV ad. Didn’t even need to mention the product name of the market leading tablet.

iPad Chinese Language Learning

Video: Apple iPad TV Ad: “Learning”

Apple iPad TV ad:

Are you curious about new ideas?
Do you want to learn a new language
or just a new word?
Maybe you want to learn more about anatomy,
or astronomy.
You can master something new,
or uncover a hidden talent.
There’s never been a better time
to learn.

ObamaPacman: Perfect way to show that from learning Chinese to playing Chess, from TED to Garageband, the Apple iPad is for all ages and all cultures.

Voice over by Peter Coyote.


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One Response to “Apple iPad TV Ad: “Learning””

  1. Don

    Xtremely well done!


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