CineSkates Camera Dolly for DSLR + iPhone

Saturday, August 27, 2011
By OP Editor

Portable camera dolly + time lapse photography tool created by Mac using MIT student Justin Jensen. Funding open on Kickstarter now.

CineSkates Camera Dolly for DSLR iPhone

Video: CineSkates Demo

CineSkates looks to be a great portable GorillaPod tripod dolly for photographers and cinematographers. Features:

  • Allows fluid camera movement in straight line or around subject (good for DIY one camera Matrix bullet time)
  • Wheels are marked for time lapse photography (move x amount every frame)
  • Removable wheels
  • Holds 5 pounds (2.25 KG)
  • Designed to work with GorillaPod, which by it self can be attached to various objects and act as a tripod

Justin Jensen has been working on CineSkates for the past year, with over 24 prototypes made. Scheduled for October release. The Kickstarter funded project already exceeded goal of $20,000.

Go on [Kickstarter] to get one:

  • Pledge starts at $150 for CineSkates, a case, and a Cinetics lens cloth (requires optional tripod and ball head).
  • $275 includes the previous with GorillaPod Focus tripod and GorillaPod BallHead X [$102 here for both].
  • $325 or more and have a set of everything in mid-September.

ObamaPacman: Much cheaper than the $1495 dolly used in the Plot Device short film.

CineSkates iPhone 4 Compatibility

Justin Jensen:

Question: Will CineSkates work with the iPhone 4?

Answer… For sure! They will work with any phone that you can attach to a ballhead. Here is how you do it with an iPhone 4… pledge at the regular CineSkates level, and increase the reward to $225 so we can include the GorillaPod Focus. Then grab a Glif [$20] and also a tiny ballhead like the Giottos MH 1304 [$19.99]. That set up would create some amazing iPhone video!!

And how does OP know Justin, the creator of CineSkates uses a Mac? Through Justin Jensen’s photography site on Fluidr (has neat image auto loading during scrolling), he mentioned he uses DSLR Remote Pro software for Mac ($129 with demo available).

[Cinetics + Kickstarter]


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