Apple Headphone Microphone Tips

Wednesday, August 31, 2011
By OP Editor

Optimal position for iPhone and iPod touch headset microphone. From Apple knowledge base (kb).

Apple Headphone Microphone Tips

All features of the Apple earphones with Remote and Mic [$29] are supported by iPhone, iPad, recent Mac, and recent iPod as microphone and music player control.

Handling Microphone: All Devices

From Apple’s tips for using Voice Control page:

Avoid holding the cord with the microphone or bringing it closer to your mouth. When the headphones are in your ear and the cord dangles freely, the microphone is in the optimum position.

Headphone Remote Control Guide / Cheat Sheet

From Apple iOS 4 guide PDF on how to use the Apple headphone remote to:

  • Pause, skip, fast-forward, rewind a song
  • Answer a call, end current call, decline incoming call
  • Switch a call, and turn on Voice Commands prompt

Apple Earphone Remote Mic Control Cheat Sheet iOS 4

Noise Cancellation: iPhone

Related tip from ObamaPacman:

On iPhone 4, there’s a small hole next to the headphone port. It provides iPhone’s best in class noise cancellation, so don’t block the hole:

iPhone 4 noise cancelling microphone


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4 Responses to “Apple Headphone Microphone Tips”

  1. Don

    Cool, and something that I didn’t know, but now I do, and thanks to you! :O-

  2. Abdul

    In my concern I know these tip since the first time that these Heardphone are released – And I using these tips with my Ipod all time. Sometimes when I meet people on the street or subway who put out her Iphone or Ipod in their pocket only for rewind or forward.

    • Hi Abdul,

      Yup it’s useful to use it as a remote.

      The main tip is “avoid holding the cord” while holding microphone. That I didn’t know.


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