Android vs. iPhone / iOS Users: Infographics

Sunday, August 21, 2011
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Apple iOS vs. Android users: demographics, personality, life experience, and other traits.

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Android vs. iPhone / iOS Users

Infographics made Hunch (via Geekologie), based on answer from on 15,818 users. Examples:

Android users:

  • 80% more likely to have only a high school diploma
  • 12% more likely to be introverts
  • 71% more likely to say they tend to follow

iOS users:

  • 37% more like to have a graduate degree
  • 14% more likely to be extroverts
  • 27% more likely to say they tend to lead

There is also a brief section on Windows Phone and other phone (BlackBerry + Palm) users.

To view: right click and open in new window or new tab, or go on Hunch site.
Android vs iPhone iOS users infographics

ObamaPacman: That explains the maturity level and illogical declarations of many of the Android drones.


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