OS X Lion + New MacBook Air Coming This Wednesday

Monday, July 18, 2011
By OP Editor

Another ‘reliable’ release date for the anticipated new Apple OS X Lion and MacBook Air laptops.

OS X Lion MacBook Air

Apple Insider (via mr):

“According to people with proven track records who would be in a position to know, the new product launches are set to occur later this week. Specifically, one person said the products would be released on Wednesday at 8:30 a.m. Eastern.”

2011 Summer: New Apple Products

These Apple products are expecting a release very soon.

  • OS X Lion (Snow Leopard is running low in retail)
  • MacBook Air
  • Mac Pro
  • Mac Mini
  • Apple Cinema Display with Thunderbolt
  • iWork (Pages, Numbers, Keynote) on Mac App Store

It seems that at least some of the products are on hold to wait for the perfect time to launch Apple’s new Mac OS X Lion.

With no iPhone 5 or iPhone 4s launch this summer, the rumor mills are going wild. For the past few moths, it seems like almost every other day someone would announce that the new Apple products is coming this week.

Just last week, someone claimed that Apple Store have received new display material, with Wednesday overnight employee training and store set up. But that didn’t happen. So we’ll are not holding our breath for this latest round of rumors. But there are only so many days left in July, when Apple is expected to release its new Mac OS.


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