iPad Knockoff HP TouchPad Keyboard Fools Best Buy

Friday, July 1, 2011
By OP Editor

What happens when HP TouchPad tablet keyboard copied the look of Apple products too well.

HP TouchPad Keyboard FAIL

HP TouchPad Fail, iPad Sold Separately

A sign that the HP TouchPad iPad knockoff might look a bit similar design of a certain company… Even BestBuy thought the HP TouchPad keyboard is an Apple product, by listing product requirement:

“iPad sold separately”

HP TouchPad Keyboard Apple iPad Required

Funny 1 star review:

ummm…. it doesn’t seem to work y’all

Ya this product doesn’t seem to work y’all with my Ipad… Do I need to purchase this product my Ipad separately from my “HP Wireless Keyboard for HP TouchPad Tablets”…

I’m just a saying

What’s not so great: doesn’t work with Ipad
No, I would not recommend this to a friend.

HP TouchPad vs. Apple iPad Keyboard

Despite the similar looks, the HP keyboard only holds 2 batteries, while the Apple wireless keyboard holds 3 batteries and a longer battery life. It’s even offered at a similar price of $69.99. But Apple wireless keyboard is a whole dollar less, at $69.

OP’s note: The delusional HP and its WebOS TouchPad is expect to crash and burn, similar to that of the RIM with BlackBerry Playbook. We can’t wait.

[bestbuy via engadget]


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