TouchPad: “Designed by HP in California”

Thursday, July 7, 2011
By OP Editor

HP TouchPad copies a certain well known Apple phrase used on Mac, iPod, iPhone, and iPad packages.

TouchPad iPad knockoff design by HP in California

2011: HP Copies Apple Packaging

Instagram image by Shawn Blanc shows back of HP TouchPad tablet packaging, released June 9, 2011:

“Designed by HP in California. Made in China.”

2001: “Designed by Apple in California”

Hewlett-Packard is surely being original with its WebOS tablet. Well, let’s see, where have we seen that statement before? Apple has used the phrase for a decade (since 2001, perhaps even earlier). Examples:

iPod 2001, Designed by Apple in California, 2004 version

  • iPod 2001 has this text next to Apple copyright: “Designed by Apple in California. Made in China.” (2004 iPod shown).
  • MacBook Pro 2007 box.
  • iPad 2010 box. Back of box probably has the phrase too but we don’t have a close up at this time.
  • iPad 2011, back of box.

Perhaps HP should use this phrase to show their originality:

TouchPad: Copied by HP in California.

OP note: Dear HP, feel free to use the creative phrase. There is no charge.


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2 Responses to “TouchPad: “Designed by HP in California””

  1. Don

    I’m not surprised, I’ve seen others do the same thing. The whole world it seems now a days seems to do nothing but copy every little move Apple makes.


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