Chinese DIY iPad Transformer Tablet PC

Monday, July 18, 2011
By OP Editor

Attempt to create iPad tablet clone: you are doing it wrong.

Fake iPad transformer tablet

VIdeo: Chinese DIY iPad Tablet PC

Chinese man Xinying Liu from the eastern province of Shandong made this DIY iPad from scratch. It is basically a touchscreen tablet PC in Apple inspired enclosure and case. Featuring:

  • White iMac mini look-alike case
  • Microsoft Windows, with Mac OS X skin (and none of the usability)
  • Thick PC laptop construction
  • Stylus
  • Fake Apple stickers (Apple currently only makes white ones)

ObamaPacman estimates the iPad wannabe has an 8″ display (measuring 4 by 7). The Windows tablet PC also features:

  • No battery life figures (likely very short, being that it runs Windows)
  • No App Store titles that are optimized for touchscreen
  • No IPS display or high quality touchscreen
  • No instant on from sleep

Chinese DIY iPad Tablet PC

21-year-old Xinying:

“It cost me 2,000 yuan ($309) to make it, so I guess that’s how much it’s worth.”

That’s before countless hours of time to build this monstrosity from scratch. He should have just bought a refurb iPad from Apple for $349.

Some more details at [Daily Star]


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