When Pigs Can Fly: Airbus Makes Angry Bird Jumbo Jets?

Thursday, July 28, 2011
By OP Editor

What happens when real angry Airbus fight pigs. Probably won’t end well.

Red Angry Birds Airbus Jumbojet Airplane

Video: Airbus Makes Angry Bird Jumbo Jets?

Is there a possibility that huge angry birds becomes reality? Perhaps when pigs fly. This iPhone game Angry Birds inspired Boeing vs. Airbus airplane video is fan-made. Not the real thing.

[youtube via winandmac]


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Tags: Art, Humor, Video

One Response to “When Pigs Can Fly: Airbus Makes Angry Bird Jumbo Jets?”

  1. Don

    Super animation. At first, I thought they were the real thing, but I’m glad they’re not. I wouldn’t want to fly around in an angry pig!


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