Apple, Google, Facebook, & Tech Companies Deal with Expired Yogurts

Monday, July 4, 2011
By OP Editor

Yoghurts: How Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Adobe, Morgan Stanley, Apple, Oracle, and IBM react to expired yogurt in the fridge.

Tech Companies Deal with Expired Yogurt / Yoghurt

Expired Yogurt, Apple Google Microsoft Reactions, Manu Cornet

Drawn by Emmanuel (Manu) Cornet for his site Bonker’s World. OP’s interpretation:

  • Google doesn’t want to talk to the user. It wants meabags to fill out tickets so skynet can process it. (Most Google services cannot be contacted by phone).
  • Facebook: poke it
  • Microsoft: shut it down and restart, due to buggy OS
  • Adobe: “Try installing Flash first.” So true.
  • Morgan Stanley: no yogurt but expired caviar. They are too busy making bundles of money from money that they don’t waste time with throwing thing out.
  • Apple: sell it. Actually, Apple is infamous for getting rid of the old to make room for the new, so this is not quite the reality.
  • Oracle: Sue them. OP explained in the Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft org chart article.
  • IBM: ??? Not sure what he meant here. Perhaps IBM is all about selling services, with few tangible products?

[Bonker's World]


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