Adobe Caught with Pants Down, 5 Months After Lion Released to Developers

Thursday, July 21, 2011
By OP Editor

Adobe admits that many of its software, including Flash Player have problems under Mac OS X Lion. Bonus: Flash group WRONGLY BLAMES Apple for performance problem.

Adobe Flash Lion Fail

Yesterday, Apple released the next gen Mac OS X Lion.

What about Adobe? Instead of releasing software fixes, it released a document titled: “Known Issues with Adobe products on Mac OS 10.7 Lion“. It admits that all these Adobe products exhibit problems: Acrobat family, Adobe Drive, Contribute, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash Builder, Flash Catalyst, Flash Player, Illustrator, Lightroom, LiveCycle, Photoshop, and Premiere Pro.

What does it mean? If you depend on using those software, do not update to Lion yet. But is it Apple’s fault?

Adobe Blaming Apple Lion for Flash Problem FAIL

One major problem under Lion is that Adobe Flash causes high CPU usage, heating up computers and draining battery life. But Adobe’s original response is to blame Apple for disabling hardware acceleration of Flash Player:

Flash Player may cause higher CPU activity when playing a YouTube video. Possibly related to disabled hardware acceleration.

But it turned out, Apple did not change GPU acceleration to cripple Flash. Adobe adds today:

UPDATE: The final release of Mac OS X Lion (10.7) provides the same support for Flash hardware video acceleration as Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6). The previous “Known Issue” suggesting that video hardware acceleration was disabled in Lion was incorrect and based on tests with a pre-release version of Mac OS X Lion that related to only one particular Mac GPU configuration. We continue to work closely with Apple to provide Flash Player users with a high quality experience on Mac computers.

FAIL. ObamaPacman realizes that it actually means Adobe only tested Flash with 1 Mac, with 1 wrong developer OS version. Wow. Again, Adobe’s original rant was: “based on tests with a pre-release version of Mac OS X Lion that related to only one particular Mac GPU configuration.”

Adobe Laziness

So, how bad is the Adobe fail? Let’s see:

  • February 24, 2011: Apple released OS X Lion developer preview
  • July 1, 2011: OS X Lion Gold Master released
  • July 20, 2011: public release of OS X Lion, identical to GM build

Adobe had 5 months (March, April, May, June, July) to test and update its software. But the software company didn’t do that. Instead, at the end of five months, Adobe just sits there and whine. In addition, basing a premature conclusion on one test with one machine (one GPU) is a total fail.

No wonder Apple CEO Steve Jobs has a War on Flash ever since the release of iPhone in 2007. And no, we don’t miss the poorly programmed and resource draining Flash from our iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Not at all.

Adobe Flash Known Problem, Mac OS X Lion Blaming Fail

NOTE: In case Adobe changes the page, here’s a frozen version from July 21, 2011. Just scroll down to Flash Player part (near the end):


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13 Responses to “Adobe Caught with Pants Down, 5 Months After Lion Released to Developers”

  1. Nothing new here … how many Windows products do you still see that only support Windows XP properly?

    • @Duncan, Well, many made for W7 and Vista software don’t work well unless you run it as Admin.

      But it’s not what you expect for a 14B software company.

  2. Rick Myers

    This is why I switched to Windows a couple years back. Since then, no problems at all. All my software just keeps working.

  3. Don

    Adobe was caught with its pants down, and from what I can see they have nothing to brag about!

  4. Shawn7

    This is what you get when have an idiot like Shanantu Narayon running Adobe! His main goal is not advancing Adobe but to outsource jobs to India to some 2nd class engineers.

  5. nikola

    LOL, at least they said they have problems… would you rather have bought a new overpriced mac and found out it had trouble playing youtube videos?:)

  6. wizard

    Mayby Adobe should better stop the application development for Mac operating system and offer free crosgrade to Microsoft Windows. Apple will fail very fast with operating sytem without applications. Today every profesional crossplatform application performes faster on Windows then on Mac. From the technical point of view Mac OS was not updated for years. Apple do change only look and feel to fool amateurs. Who needs realy Mac OS X today?

  7. nikola

    @wizard no way. almost every designer/art director/artist is in love with their mac:) adobe will register huge losses


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