Wav Collective MicroStalker Adds Windows Logo to Apple Store Hamburg

Sunday, June 5, 2011
By OP Editor

We know that Microsoft tried to Apple Store locations for a few years, so MicroSalkers from WAV collective did the work for Redmond in Hamburg.

Wav Collective Unhappy with Microsoft Dirtywork

Video: How to Add Windows Logo to Apple Store

Some folks from WAV collective put a Windows logo to the Apple Store Hamburg, currently under construction behind the black facade.

Is it photoshopped? Nope, just laddar + pre-made Microsoft Windows logo in 4 pieces.

OP’s take: It turned out that WAV collective was hired to put the logo on the Microsoft store, but they are a bit early and quite wrong with the sign placement.

They can’t find the Microsoft Store, which is supposed to be coming in a few years across the street, Thus, the MicroStalkers put the Windows logo on the Apple Store by mistake. Typical Microsoft fail. Oh, we’re not kidding about the Microsoft part, because Microsoft spends much more money on advertising than Apple.

Result of the WAV collective viral attempt on behalf of Microsoft? They are ‘really’ happy about their work. (See first image). At least they probably got paid for it.

Update: Obviously these people don’t know Windows very well, because they put the colors in the wrong place. The blue and green are swapped. Heck, even a Team Fortress 2 Mac trailer gets it right.

Video camera: Sebotage of WAVcollective (non-existing group).


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2 Responses to “Wav Collective MicroStalker Adds Windows Logo to Apple Store Hamburg”

  1. Don

    Pretty funny stuff, Windows actually pretending to be good enough to get into the most popular tech store in town!


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