Skype Video Chat App for iPad: Tuesday Launch Date

Monday, June 27, 2011
By OP Editor

First tablet optimized Skype, made for iPad, will be released this Tuesday June 28.

Skype iPad Video Chat

cnet has a review of the Skype iPad app. Tested on iPad 2, because it has both front and rear facing cameras. Original iPad users can still receive video.

Skype iPad 2 Wi-Fi Video Quality:

“Wi-Fi video calling to the desktop produced the best quality on both ends, with high image resolution and video that was mostly smooth; there was only a slight delay. During a call, our friends notices almost no difference in video quality when we switched between the front- and rear-facing iPad 2 cameras; they told us that both images had sharp edges and nothing looked especially blurred.”

As to call over mobile connection:

“We got passable video calling at best; at worst, the video (and audio) frequently froze. Fortunately, Skype offers the option to switch to audio-only during a video call so not all is lost if your 3G connection isn’t displaying video properly.”

Video: Skype App iPad 2 Demo

Skype for iPad features:

  • Instant messaging / text chat, even during video calls
  • Video calls with GUI or full screen
  • VoIP calls to Skype clients
  • VoIP phone calls (optional Skype Out service)

Release date? “Skype expects Apple to approve Skype for iPad on Tuesday.”


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