iPhone Video Filming Tips

Monday, June 27, 2011
By OP Editor

Tips + app for how to get a more cinematic look from iPhone video.

iPhone Video Filming Tips Matts Macintosh

iPhone Video Filming Tips

Matt’s Macintosh video describes equipment that can help you get more professional quality video from an iPhone:

  • Glif: iPhone 4 Tripod Mount & Stand: $20 on Amazon
  • Light kit: he seems to be using continuous lighting. Umbrella + directional light (reflecting off wall?).
  • Video app: FiLmiC Pro [App Store, $1.99]. It’s like Camera+ for video.
  • iMovie, comes with every Mac: use effects such as vignette and levels to bring attention to your subject matter.

What about the Ken Burns panning effect? It can be done real life with a mounted iPhone on rail.

Here’s an example of iPhone 4 video from ObamaPacman, without the additional equipment described by Matt. With the equipment it’ll look even better than this:

Matt’s Macintosh Camera Equipment

Matts Macintosh Camera Equipment

Camera gear of Matt’s Macintosh when he’s not using an iPhone:


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