iPad App Takes Videos Offline for Roadshow

Wednesday, June 22, 2011
By OP Editor

Download internet videos on iPad to watch offline, for the times you are without internet connection.

iPad Roadshow Embeds Source URL for sharing

Spend time without internet connection, such as commuting underground or in airplane, but want to watch internet videos on iPad? Get Roadshow for iPad [App Store].

  • Free version saves 15 videos and is ad supported
  • Can be upgraded in app to to unlimited videos and no ads
  • High speed scrubbing! (Most internet videos have a delay for scrubbing)
  • High quality Vimeo videos
  • Download progress bar
  • Saves even embedded videos (if you can see them on iPad)
  • YouTube not supported


  • If you copied a URL (say from another browser or from email), and go back to RoadShow, it’ll ask whether you want to open the copied the address from domain name.
  • Downloaded video contains link to page, so you can go back to make a comment when you are online again.

iPad Roadshow Compatible Sites

Some sites that currently work with Roadshow for iPad:

Here’s some embedded vimeo videos to test it out:

Ian Albinson’s SXSW presentation video of great movie titles, “A Brief History of Title Design“:

Mountain climbing “Reel Rock 2010 Trailer“:

Conclusion? The app is extremely polished and quite impressive, especially at v1.0. Great work by Fetch Softworks! They also make Mac FTP client Fetch [App Store].

Will this app be removed? Many time shifting apps originally have problem with content creators, some get sorted out, some don’t. So download now to make sure you have it.

[Fetch Softworks via df]


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2 Responses to “iPad App Takes Videos Offline for Roadshow”

  1. Don

    This software not only looks great, but even a must-have app for anyone video lover with an iPad. Definitely something I would consider to be a must-have.


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