iOS 5 on iPad 2, Developer Preview

Thursday, June 16, 2011
By OP Editor

Video quick look of Apple’s new iOS 5 features with developer preview on iPad 2.

Multi-touch pinch, home screen gesture, iOS 5 iPad

Video: iOS 5 on iPad, Developer Preview

Short 2 minute video (speed up in iMovie by one speed setting) contains quick overview of iOS 5 features:

  • iCloud settings
  • Multi-touch gestures
    • go to home screen (4 finger pinch)
    • go to multitasking screen (4 finger swipe up)
    • go to next app (4 finger swipe side)
  • AirPrint
  • Private browsing in Safari (GUI turns black)
  • Safari tabs
  • Notifications
  • Game Center
  • iTunes Store, re-download of purchased content
  • Music app / iPod app
  • iMessage (blue bubble for free SMS MMS like iMessage)
  • Find on page
  • Split keyboard
  • Time Capsule / AirPort admin
  • Twitter integration

iOS 5 contains plenty more features. AirPlay speed / latency or how to create custom gesture are not shown in this video.

[InfoZenn on youtube via mr]


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