Infographics: 60 Seconds on the Internet

Tuesday, June 21, 2011
By OP Editor

How many iPhone apps are downloaded every 60 seconds? Quite a lot. No word on how much money iOS developers are earning every minute though.

go-globe 60 seconds internet

Internet is more than Facetime SexyTime. Every minute on internet:

  • 13,000 iPhone apps are downloaded
  • 695,000+ Facebook status updates
  • 98,000+ Tweets
  • 6,600+ photos are uploaded to flickr
  • 100+ questions asked on (hum, how many are: when is iPhone 5 coming out?)
  • 600+ new videos (25+ hours) added to YouTube,
  • 168 million emails are sent

Supposedly made by web design company go-globe (which doesn’t seem to have the file on web site), msnbc via geekologie.


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