In Soviet Russia: Musician Uses Mac & iPad Sideways

Saturday, June 25, 2011
By OP Editor

Street musicians in Perm with Mac laptop and two iPads. Accompanied by krappy karaoke guy.

Sideways Mac Russian Musician

Video: Sideways Mac & iPad Russian Musicians

Surprise, surprise, guy without Mac or iPad is a horrible musician.

At Perm, Russia. This is happening during a festival called “Perm White Nights” but not sure if they are pro, or an official part of the festival.

Perhaps it’s an art piece or karaoke gone wrong? The “singer” appears to be Director of Perm Museum of Modern Art, Марат Гельман (English translation). At least the karaoke guy didn’t perform the hotel room “wrestle” scene of Borat ($5.25 on Amazon).

[youtube video] by

Update: OP reader Maria found the music video Ёлка – Прованс this ‘art’ piece is based on:


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3 Responses to “In Soviet Russia: Musician Uses Mac & iPad Sideways”

  1. Don

    I was surprised at how good the iPads and the MacBook Pro sounded, not bad, not bad at all…… the singing on the other hand??????

  2. Maria

    I think the singing was intentionally off, like a parody of a kareoke of a very cheesy pop song.This is probably the original version:


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