Google Announces +1 Button for Websites, Fails

Wednesday, June 1, 2011
By OP Editor

Google abandoned Google Buzz? Launches today “the +1 button for websites.” With video overview.

Google +1 Button for Websites Logo

Video: Google +1 Button for Websites

Googles tries to copy Facebook / social networking again. This time not with the poorly received and privacy violating Google Buzz (humor video).

Starting today Google +1 button will be available for the whole web, after using certain large sites for live beta for the past few months.

Google to users:

“With a single click you can recommend [search results & content] to friends, contacts and the rest of the world. The next time your connections search, they could see your +1’s directly in their search results, helping them find your recommendations when they’re most useful.”

Google to content publishers:

“Adding the +1 button to your pages allows users to recommend your content to friends and contacts on Google search. As a result, you could get more and better qualified traffic.”

Google +1 Button for Websites FAIL

Run into a problem where one of the +1 button links provided by Google is broken. Clicking “Get the Code Snippet” from Adsense displays a Redirect Loop Error 310 in Google Chrome browser:

Google +1 Fail, Redirect Loop Error 310

Webmasters can get your +1 button here.

Update, June 7: the button within adsense from Chrome now works.



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2 Responses to “Google Announces +1 Button for Websites, Fails”

  1. Oyy… Is the problem specific to Chrome?


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