Blush Music Video Feat. Snoop Dogg Created with iPad App

Friday, June 24, 2011
By OP Editor

Animated stop motion music video made entirely with iPad paintings. Bonus: making of video, by creator Shawn Harris.

Blush Band Undivided iPad music video

Video: Music Video Made with iPad Art

Created by animator Shawn Harris, who used thousands of brush strokes (no stylus) to make the music video:

“If you are able to make each brush stroke a presentable frame representing movement, progression, you are not just painting, you are animating.”

The artwork is created with iPad Brushes app [App Store, $7.99] by Taptrix, which has an integrated brush stroke recording and playback feature. The app features 19 brushes, up to 6 layers, transparency, TV output, and export to Brushes Viewer for Mac at up to 1920 x 2880 or quicktime movies.

Video: Making of Blush Band iPad Music Video

Blush Band & Undivided Single Download

Blush Band is a new pop music group consists of 5 asian girls. Farwest Entertainment, Blush’s agency, must have a huge budget or deep connections. Besides getting Snoop Dogg to feature in this single, their forthcoming debut album is created by a long list of award winning songwriters and producers.

Snoop Dogg Blush Band Girls

Download the Undivided (feat. Snoop Dogg) single on [iTunes $0.99].

[YouTube: music video & making of]


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