BBC to Use Luci iPhone + iPad App for Live Broadcast Reporting Over 3G

Tuesday, June 14, 2011
By OP Editor

Within a month, BBC reporters will be able to broadcast with iPhone and iPad, live in the field, with a $400 app.

BBC Logo iPad

BBC reporters will be able to file video, stills, and audio to BBC system, in addition to broadcast live from an iPhone using only 3G signal. The BBC App does not require use of WiFi, bulky satellite equipment, or Codex broadcast recorder.

Martin Turner, BBC head of operations for news gathering reveals their plan for iPhone journalism in an interview with

BBC chooses to arm its reporters with Apple iPhone because:

“It offers us the best combination of features.”

What about the cost of the system?

“Were it expensive, we wouldn’t be able to do it at the moment.”

Lucy Live? Luci Live iPhone Broadcasting Software

BBC is looking to extend their “Luci Live” (not Lucy Live) broadcast software application system for iPhone. Features:

  • Live two-way studio quality audio streaming
  • Record during streaming
  • Insert pre-recorded audio into live report
  • Add pictures, videos and external files (seems to be new feature not mentioned in promo video)
  • Integrates with professional microphone and noise cancellation headphones

Luci Live [App Store, $399.99] is used by TV and radio stations around the world, including ABC, BBC, ESPN, RNW, XM and many more.

The question is, does it beat Jimmy Kimmel Records ABC Broadcast TV on His MacBook Pro?


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2 Responses to “BBC to Use Luci iPhone + iPad App for Live Broadcast Reporting Over 3G”

  1. Don

    I think this is a very smart move on the BBC’s part. Personally, I wonder if we can expect to start hearing things such as, “This is Niles Cameron reporting from my iPhone for the BBC”?

    You never know, you know?


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