Apple II Computer Makes Self-Playing Piano Paper Program

Friday, June 3, 2011
By OP Editor

Apple computers record and write music on paper for self playing robot piano, invention circa 1895.

Apple II writes music for self playing piano

Video: Apple II Computer Makes Self-Playing Piano Program

Discovery (maker Mythbusters, of one of OP’s favorite shows) TV show “How It’s Made” explains self playing piano, and shows some musical Macs help with the process a century later. The paper musical notes looks a little like modern technology Magic Piano [App Store], used in iPad performance by pianist Lang Lang.

Short version of official video here in case the youtube video goes down.

[How It's Made via tuaw]


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2 Responses to “Apple II Computer Makes Self-Playing Piano Paper Program”

  1. Don

    Interesting, very interesting. I’ve always wanted to know how those music rolls where made and now I do, thanks to you.

    It was nice to see an old Apple II still being used productively too.


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